Beale St. Music Festival 2013 Ticket GIveaway

bsmfUPDATE: We have a winner!  Congrats Matt W.!

Ok, before participating, remember, you MUST have shared this Facebook post OR retweeted this Tweet in order to qualify.

Ok, this is how it works, below, are 11 questions.  The first person to email me at with all the CORRECT answers, wins (1) 3-Day ticket to Beale St. Music Festival 2013!


1. How many acts are on the 2013 lineup?

2. What park in Memphis does the festival take place in?

3. What artist plays the Orion Stage at 5:10pm on Sunday?

4. How many times can you leave and re-enter the festival per day?

5. What is the name of the latest album by Phoenix?

6. Bassnectar has had a NYE show in what US city the past two years?

7. What number does the city of Memphis rank in the list of biggest cities in the state of Tennessee?

8. What is the name of Deftones lead vocalist?

9. In what year did the band The Flaming Lips form?

10. What is the name of Sheryl Crow’s clothing line?

11. You were required to share a Facebook status, or retweet a Twitter tweet in order to qualify.  Depending on which social media site you used, what is your name (Facebook), or username (Twitter)?

HINT: A lot of your answers can be found on the Beale St. Music Festival website.

And of course, here is all your fine print:

Festival Snob and this contest have no affiliation with Beale St. Music Festival, its sponsors, or its organizers.  The 3-Day ticket has no value and can not be resold or transfered.  In other words, you MUST USE the ticket. There is NO age restriction with this contest.  Winner must provide personal information in order to receive the ticket such as name, phone number, and address. 

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