News User Accounts Are Being Sold On The Dark Web

Photo: Facebook/Coachella

According to an article published today on Vice’s Motherboard, it’s believed that user accounts on have been compromised after a listing was discovered on the dark web with the intention to sell people’s email addresses, usernames, and hashed passwords.

A total of nearly 1,000,000 accounts appear in the data dump, with 360,000 coming from Coachella’s main site and 590,000 from the festival website’s forum. As Motherboard points out, the data does not contain payment details.

Motherboard was provided a sample of 10,000 user accounts from the seller in order to verify the data. They then attempted to create a new account on using the provided information, but each time was denied due to an existing account, which essentially confirms that the data is legit.

So how much is this supposed “hacker” asking for the entire data dump? A whopping $300, not even enough money to purchase a single Coachella weekend pass.

Motherboard reached out to Coachella but representatives did not immediately respond to their request for comment. However, if you have an account at, it would certainly benefit you to login immediately and change your password as you definitely don’t want the world knowing that you added Martin Garrix to your personal schedule.

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