Electric Forest Organizers Hand Mail Pieces Of 2016 Lineup To Fans

Photo: Twitter/@twilcox15

After having their lineup leak early the past few years, organizers behind Michigan’s Electric Forest decided to take an unconventional route this year by hand mailing names on their 2016 lineup out to their fans. Those who were lucky enough to receive a special envelope were then instructed to share the news today on social media using hashtag #EF2016Reveal.

The official Electric Forest website has been frequently updating with social posts, helping to confirm their legitimacy. Over on Reddit, fans have been compiling a list of all the names shared, which you can see below in full. Electric Forest 2016 will take place June 23-26 in Rothbury, Michigan but unfortunately the festival is already completely sold-out.

UPDATE 08:15PM CST: See the entire 2016 Electric Forest lineup below.


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