Firefly Director Speaks Out On Lineup Leak & Delay

Greg Bostrom, Director of Firefly Music Festival, speaks out about the leaks and delays that plagued the festival’s 2015 lineup rollout.


Photo: DelawareOnline

Firefly Music Festival was plagued with numerous hiccups so far this year during the rollout of their 2015 lineup. With many competing music festivals bumping up their lineup announcements this year in an attempt to gain early exposure, many fans began looking at Firefly to follow suit. On January 15th, Firefly Director Greg Bostrom wrote a blog post giving patrons a glimpse into the complicated booking process required for such a major event and promising a lineup reveal in the coming weeks.

While rumors had already begun circulating in early January that Paul McCartney, The Killers, and Kings of Leon would headline the Dover, DE music festival, it wasn’t until an anonymous account named ‘EDMSecrets’ appeared on Twitter, claiming to have an early version of the full lineup poster, that things really began to heat up. Firefly took to social media to assure everyone a lineup would be revealed the following week, a deadline they eventually missed.

While not giving any details, organizers admitted final approvals were holding up the announcement and launched a social media campaign to engage their fans and followers, while giving away 10 free tickets a day. 18 days and 180 free tickets later, Firefly revealed the 2015 lineup, mirroring almost exactly the leaked version, and blurring the first name leading everyone to believe that Paul McCartney was indeed the approval that caused the delay.

Today Firefly Director Greg Bostrom gave an exclusive interview to DelawareOnline to discuss the events. In response to the lineup delay, Greg had the following to say:

The simple answer is that it’s just something that takes a long time. Part of Paul McCartney’s success has been that they are keenly aware of what they are doing, when they’re doing it and why they’re doing it. So we announced his appearance at Firefly just as soon as we could. We didn’t have it done until Tuesday night.

When asked about the lineup leak he told DelawareOnline:

From one perspective, it’s a little humbling that people went to the extent they did to get the information out there sooner than we intended. On the other hand, obviously, we love announce days as much as everyone else, if not more. We love the excitement and the anticipation. Just like everyone else, it takes a little of the magic away when there’s speculation and rumors out before any official confirmation. We commiserate with fans on that.

Bostrom also commented on why they chose to bring back The Killers, the impact of teaming up with Goldenvoice, and any potential issues Morrissey might have with meat being served at the festival.  You can read the entire interview here. Firefly Music Festival will take place June 18-21 in Dover, DE. Tickets are on sale now can be purchased on the festival website.


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