Firefly Wants Fans To Shape The Future Of Their Delaware Music Festival

It’s not uncommon to find an e-mail from the organizers of a music festival requesting feedback or lineup suggestions so that improvements can be made in future years. However, Delaware’s Firefly Music Festival is taking it one step further, allowing their fans to fully curate and shape the future of the festival.

Fans can head to the Firefly website here and register to access numerous polls that will be rolled out going forward. You’ll be able to vote and share feedback on how the festival implements interactive art, attractions, food options, camping, merchandise, and of course the musical lineup.

Speaking with Consequence of Sound, Firefly Creative Director Christiane Pheil had the following to say:

“People will be able to speak to every single facet of Firefly,” Pheil adds, “so it will be a really cool experience for them when they come to the festival in June and they walk in and they see everything come to life.” She also says that there will be reward incentives for fan suggestions that end up coming to life at the festival, whether that be “ticket incentives, an experience incentive onsite, [or] a ticket upgrade.”

Click here to read a full statement from Firefly Music Festival.

The 2017 edition of Firefly will take place June 15-18 at The Woodlands in Dover, DE. Expect a lineup and ticket on-sale in early 2017.

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