FYF Fest Is Making Music Festivals Great Again In North America

There’s no question, the music festival bubble in North America has burst, and loudly. The high profile failures of Fyre Festival, Pemberton Music Festival, and Karoondinha Music & Arts Festival has shown that only the strong will survive. Paired with the homogeneous and unimaginative lineups being put out by the big name music festivals, some are left wondering whether traveling to Europe is the only way for a mature educated music fan to find a large scale festival worth attending. However, there a light shining brighter than ever on the west coast, and it’s coming from L.A.’s FYF Fest.

FYF Fest organizers put together one of 2017’s most exciting lineups, not because it’s packed full of expensive big names, but because every part of it from top to bottom stands out from the rest. Headliners Björk and Missy Elliott are currently only scheduled to play at one North American music festival in 2017, and that’s FYF. While Frank Ocean and Nine Inch Nails will only be performing at a total of 4 North American music festivals between them this summer.

Beyond the headliners there is the long list of exciting acts we were all hoping would be performing at the big name major festivals this year, but sadly are not. Acts like A Tribe Called Quest, Erykah Badu, Solange, Flying Lotus, Slowdive, and Nicolas Jaar stand out on the FYF Fest lineup, but were strangely omitted from the biggest and most popular festival lineups in place of radio friendly pop acts.

And let’s take a minute to point out FYF’s mature dance music offerings. While most festivals are still hanging on to the big room house and dubstep names to pull in ticket buyers, FYF organizers decided on booking a group of mature and progressive DJs. None of which will be hiding inside of a giant marshmallow mask, mastering the act of counting to 3 while yelling at patrons to put their hands up and be showered with smoke and confetti. Names like The Black Madonna, Tiga, John Talabot, DJ Harvey, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Omar-S, Daniel Avery, Fatima Yamah, Helena Hauff, and Horse Meat Disco prove that FYF Fest plans to keep it both groovy and classy.

The formula appears to be working for FYF Fest considering this year the festival has grown from two days to three, taking place July 21 – 23 at L.A.’s Exposition Park. Single day passes are extremely limited, so grab yours now while you can here. In the years to come, I might suggest cancelling any costly flights to Europe and instead invest in North America’s own FYF Fest.

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