Know Your FAKE Coachella Lineup Poster!

With the Coachella 2013 lineup already overdue, the fake posters are starting to hit the internet like crazy.  I’m sure there isnt a person reading this that hasn’t seen one come across their Facebook or Twtter feed.

Typically the people over at Goldenvoice begin teasing smaller acts on their Facebook page the week before the lineup is due to drop.  With none of that yet to be seen, we could still be two weeks out from an official lineup poster.

In the meantime, lets get familiar with all the posters that are bogus. Below are all posters that have been confirmed 100% FAKE.  So next time you see your friends posting one of these, you can be sure to let them know they’re just gullible.

fake16 fake15 fake14 fake13 fake12 fake11 fake10 fake8 fake7 fake6 fake5 fake4 fake3 fake2 fake1

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