Live Nation Partners With TSA Pre-Check Company To Deploy ‘Fast Pass’ Service Into Festivals

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Just when you thought the mad geniuses over at Live Nation couldn’t possibly think of another way to squeeze more money out of music lover’s pockets, think again. The entertainment giant has partnered with IdentoGO, the security pre-screening company used by the Transportation Security Administration to provide expedited entry into airport terminals. The new partnership, named ‘Fast Pass’, will see Live Nation deploy a similar service into its music festivals and concerts.

Though as HypeBot mentions, “the promoter is careful to call the new service a convenience, rather than an additional security measure.” Festival patrons and concert go-ers already with TSA Pre✓ will automatically be enrolled in the new ‘Fast Pass’ service. And vice versa, anyone who signs up to take advantage of Live Nation’s ‘Fast Pass’ will get the added benefit of having TSA Pre✓ privileges in airports for 5 years.

“Live Nation is always looking for ways to make the concert-going experience more seamless, and by offering Fast Pass by IdentoGO we can get fans out of line and into the show even faster, which makes this a really organic partnership,” said Live Nation’s President of Client Sales Maureen Ford.

Signing up for ‘Fast Pass’ will be the same as TSA Pre✓ at pre-approved locations. You’ll need to provide a valid photo ID, agree to be subjected to screening, and pay $85. Once approved, the service is good for five years.

As Consequence Of Sounds points out, Live Nation will be testing the new service at New York’s upcoming The Meadows Music & Arts Festival as well as additional Live Nation owned venues and festivals through the end of next year.


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