A Look Back In Photos: Riot Fest Denver 2016

Photo: Meghan Lee

Riot Fest and Rodeo 2016 just wrapped up this past weekend in Denver Colorado and it was absolutely legendary. The festival took place at the National Western Complex in downtown Denver and showcased three full days of eclectic bands. The grounds consisted of four stages, two of which (Roots and Riot Stages) were next to each other and switched off sets. The Nicole Hoffman Stage was housed indoors in the rodeo ring and often served as a cool retreat from the hot Denver sun. Notable acts from the first day include: The Aquabats, Suicidal Tendencies, NoFX, Decendents, Thursday, Deftones, Death Cab for Cutie, and Jane’s Addiction.

Day two of the festival highlighted a variety of acts, some of which included: Billy Talent, Leftover Crack, Against Me!, Glassjaw, The Dandy Warhols, Yo La Tengo, Underoath, Julian Marley, Sleater-Kinney, and Ween.

While the first two days of the festival were well-attended, the third and final day was packed with Misfits fans. This day marked the first show played by the Original Misfits lineup in 33 years, and to put it simply, this was a very big deal. From the moment the gates opened Misfits fans lined the barricade to the stage they would be playing on many hours later. These devoted fans were decked out with facepaint and some pretty sweet mohawks and braved the heat until the Misfits left the stage. Other excellent acts that played Sunday included: Murder By Death, Me First and The Gimmie Gimmies, Chevy Metal, Hatebreed, Sleigh Bells, Pepper, Gogol Bordello, Tyler the Creator, and of course The Original Misfits. Overall this day was packed with great shows, and the Misfits did not disappoint with giant pumpkins at either end of the stage and of course, the typical Misfit attire (sorry guys-no pictures). Overall, Riot Fest and Rodeo 2016 was a major success and hosted one of the most epic reunions yet.

See our photos from Riot Fest Denver 2016 below.

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