New Tool Makes Creating Festival Playlists A Breeze


If there’s two things everyone knows about festival playlists it’s that they’re a great way to familiarize yourself with all the artists playing a festival, and they’re an absolute pain in the ass to create. It’s extremely time consuming to manually search for each artist on a lineup in Spotify and add them to a newly created playlist, especially when it’s a major festival that features well over 100 acts. For this very reason we ourselves have been slacking on creating playlists for this very web-site.

Fortunately, a new tool from Expedia UK has made the process as easy as a few clicks of a mouse. Using the APIs of Songkick and Spotify, developers created the Festival Playlister, a tool that will allow anyone to download a playlist for any edition of hundreds of music festivals worldwide.

Users can create a playlist that features all the hits from each artist or only the obscure stuff. Type the name of a festival into the search bar, choose a year of the festival, and within seconds a Spotify playlist featuring each artist on the lineup via Songkick will be created. Users can then save the playlist to their personal Spotify libraries, start listening, and begin familiarizing themselves with the lineup.

Test it out for yourself below.

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