About Us

The team of Festival Snobs are a group of friends who met because they ran in the same event circles and often saw each other attending the same events. After the infamous Fyre Festival put a spotlight on the festival and event planning industries, the three decided to start a website for both festival attendees and festival planners.

Apart from reviews on festivals around the world, we take it one step further and talk about festivals in unconventional ways. If you love attending festivals but want to learn more about what happens behind the scenes, Festival Snob has entertaining articles that will change the way you see your favorite events.

Meet Our Team

Collin Weiss-Packer ​

Collin Weiss-Packer

Collin works for an events management company that covers large corporate events all around the world. He and his team are in charge of marketing and managing speakers and talents, ensuring in a successful project each time.

Collin enjoys both attending festivals and arranging events. Ever since the Fyre debacle, he noticed that people are more interested in what goes on behind the scenes of festivals, concerts, conferences, and other events, and writes articles for both attendees and fellow event planners like him.
Apple Whitney ​

Apple Whitney

As a young adult, Apple used her small trust fund to invest in a successful start-up. Since then, she gained the means to independently travel for leisure around the world at least twice a year. While she was raised in New York, she considers London to be her home and spends most of her time there.

While she likes to travel, she doesn’t go anywhere unless there’s a festival or event worth attending. An international studies graduate, she appreciates all the cultures she is exposed to.
Julia Taylor

Julia Taylor

Julia works as a senior editor for a travel magazine. While she loves attending festivals, she doesn’t get a lot of articles about them, so she’s made her own website dedicated to festivals and serves as the editor-in-chief.

As an expert in traveling, Julia detests traveling like a tourists and committing faux passes with other cultures. Some festivals are more than just one or two Instagram-worthy photos. If you’re going to attend a festival in any country, you have to know the culture and the meaning behind it.
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