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Glass house

What You Need to Know When Building a Glass House

Have you been thinking about extending your growing season? Building a greenhouse is probably the best idea to do that. It can be an affordable and quick option that allows you to increase the amount of produce you can harvest and grow. But before you install the structure in your yard, you need to consider

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What to Do (and Not Do) During a Concert

What to Do (and Not Do) During a Concert

If you work in either the marketing or event planning industry, you might have caught word of the Coca-Cola Philippines incident last December. Based on news reports from the Philippines, Coca-Cola hosts an annual Coke Studio Christmas Concert every year featuring mostly local artists. The event was marketed as a free event, leading thousands of

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Outdoor wedding reception

Plan a Nearly Perfect Outdoor Wedding

Now that you’ve finally decided to share your life as a couple, it’s now time to plan for a wedding that you’ll always remember. Outdoor weddings can be romantic and beautiful. Being so close to nature gives it a relaxing yet intimate vibes. However, an outdoor wedding also makes you prone to the ever-changing weather.

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two person combine hand forming a heart hand gesture

Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas to Give to Modern Men This 2019

Valentine’s Day is less than a week away. Do you have a gift ready for your man? Don’t feel bad if you aren’t ready. Chances are, you haven’t bought one yet because you aren’t the type of person to just go into a department store, grab whatever Valentine’s Day-themed product they’re selling, and then consider

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stylish groom and happy bride hugging under retro bulbs lights in wooden barn

4 Ideas for Décor Elements Used in a Barn Wedding

The ideal locations for weddings continually change. Nowadays, a location that’s gaining attention is a barn. This might seem like a ludicrous idea for couples, but barn weddings have all sorts of possibilities. Many people think that barn weddings are expensive, but this is far from the case if you get the right location. Minnesota

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Family in a bed

Methods of Attaching Bed Frames to Headboards and Footboards

In the past, beds came with an attached bed frame, headboard, and footboard. However, this arrangement was not the most convenient since getting the bed through your doors without damaging it was in most cases impossible. Thankfully, it is now possible to get a bed frame, footboard, and headboard separately and attach them in the

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Asians eating

5 Ways To Plan The Best Farewell Party

Saying goodbye to someone doesn’t mean that the connection that you had with them will end there. It’s just a mere stumble to a future that’s full of even warmer ‘hellos.’ So, organizing a farewell party is only a way to bid a temporary goodbye to the person that you love. Aside from giving him

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Red wine poured to a wine glass

Gifting 101: 3 Creative Ways to Wrap Wine Bottles

On special occasions such as birthdays, house-warming parties, wine is undeniable the ideal gift to with them. One of the reasons is that there’s no burden on the recipient to drink it immediately since most wines taste even better as they age. What’s more is there’s an abundant variety of wines out there so you

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Windows of a traditional home

4 Signs It’s Time You Change Windows at Home

Your windows at home are simply the easiest to ignore. You often pass by them, open and close them without even doing taking the time to check or examine them. The only time you’ll probably pay attention to this part of your home is when you start hearing noises coming from it. Otherwise, they’re no

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