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Sad girl looking at her damaged hair

Have a Dry and Flaky Scalp? Here’s How to Improve Its Health

Self-care is usually focused on your skin. Think about all the products you invest in to make it clear and glowing. You have your exfoliating scrub, moisturizer, essence, serum, and sunscreen. That’s not to mention the numerous professional treatments you get monthly. The same applies to your strands. Women are especially notorious for trying out

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wedding dessert table

11 Tips to Save Money on Wedding Food and Drinks

Everybody knows that weddings are expensive. Still, it might come as a shock to you just how much money it takes to feed and booze your guests. Don’t want to break the bank for the banquet? Not to worry; you can still serve great food and drinks at your wedding without it costing an arm

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woman with beautiful lips

Makeup Hacks that Will Make Your Lips Fuller in Seconds

If lip fillers are too intimidating for you (although they’re completely safe when done by an experienced professional), a couple of makeup hacks and lip products will do the trick for you. You have to make time for practicing because lining your lips is more difficult than you think. (Thanks a lot, unsteady hands!) Even

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woman taking a selfie

Key Areas Where You Can Seek Overall Improvement

“It’s okay to eat three burgers for lunch today. I’ve earned it.” “This expensive suit will help me attract a lot of attention. I have to buy it.” “I want to sleep for a few more minutes. I don’t mind being a little late for work.” A lot of people think that their small decisions

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happy couple

Do’s and Don’ts When Seeking a Serious Relationship

With social media and dating apps at our disposal, finding a date has become easier than ever. We can even pay for exceptional matchmaking services if the internet alone can’t satisfy us. But while technology has helped create relationships, it also leads to many of us developing toxic habits that ruin our chances of getting

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person using sunblock

How to Protect Yourself from the Sun the Right Way

The sun’s heat certainly feels good, especially when you’re out at the beach enjoying the sea. But it’s not as gentle to your skin as you probably thought it would be. Although it’s not that apparent, your skin is at risk of developing wrinkles and age spots with constant exposure. Even more, it can also

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two cars in an accident

Pointers for Jogging Your Memory After an Auto Accident

Your car insurance policy needs a detailed report of the car accident you were recently involved in. But lo and behold, you realize that you can’t remember anything leading to it. Sure, you know that you were in an accident. You called your mom to ask her to pick you up. You vaguely remember what

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crew members getting ready for a shoot

Why You Need Video Content as Part of Your Marketing and Sales Toolbox

Most businesses are viewing video content marketing as an integral part of their marketing strategy. Video marketing continues to progress, and experts expect it to reach new heights soon. Digital marketers believe that video marketing gives them an attractive return on investment compared to traditional marketing platforms. You might still be doubtful about video marketing,

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