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Woman in a shopping mall riding the elevator

Buy Less, but Better: Making Significant Changes in Your Lifestyle

The world is at a standstill. Prices are getting higher and people are spending more. You get to enjoy your purchase while you’re earning money, but what happens when you reach retirement or you lose your job and your lifestyle suddenly becomes impossible to manage? It’s a grim future that no one wants to think

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funeral dress code

What to Wear to a Funeral: Honoring the Dress Codes

Funeral dress codes vary greatly. Some people honor the traditional and standard funeral dress code, while others will tell you what they expect you to wear. The latter is easier to dress for since you already have a color, style and actual attire suggestions. Dressing for funerals that don’t give dress code directives is harder.

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facial mask treatment at a salon

Matching the Right Face Mask Ingredients to Skin Conditions

Face masks were arguably the biggest beauty trend of 2018. Yes, facial masks have been around for quite some time but were nearly unheard of in the US and other western countries. The Hallyu or Korean wave helped spark the widespread use of face masks, thanks to the viral 10-step Korean Skincare Routine. Celebrities were

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happy woman showing engagement ring to her friends with champagne glasses

A Guide to Planning a Surprise Engagement Party

If you have given your partner several hints that you plan to propose to them, a time comes when one has to take the bull by its horns. Traditionally, an engagement party happens after making the official proposal. However, more people are opting to kill two birds with one stone. You can plan an engagement

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Woman getting her armpits waxed

What to Remember for Your Next Waxing Session

Body hair is not usually a good sight, especially for most women. This is the main reason waxing salons and at-home waxing kits have been invented since women love to flaunt their hairless bodies, especially during summer at the beach. Sure, razors and a good shaving cream can easily do the job as well, but

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traditional leather roper style western riding slouch cowboy boots

Why You Should Buy Cowboy Boots for Comfort and Durability

Anyone can wear cowboy boots daily because they are comfortable to wear. This pair of shoes is designed for everyday use: rain or shine and in the harshest weather conditions. They are also affordable if you look for men’s cowboy boots on sale from well-known shoe brands. What people normally see are gaudily designed boots

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man conducting the interview for the woman applicant

4 Non-verbal Things You Can Do for a Successful Interview

Interviews are daunting even for the most prepared. You may not have a fear of public speaking, but you might still be surprised by the potential employer you’re going to meet. There’s no single way to go about an interview either. It depends on the way you conduct yourself and how you answer the questions

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