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Welcoming a Loved One After Coming Home from Rehab

Finishing a rehabilitation program is a significant accomplishment worth celebrating. It’s a great feeling when a loved one comes home free from the constraints of rehab and ready to start a new chapter. But apart from the excitement and anticipation of coming home, going back to their normal life is scary and awkward at the

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Lifestyle Trends in 2021

The raging pandemic has caused radical changes in how people shop, behave, and perform their daily activities. It has created and influenced many of this year’s lifestyle trends. Individuals and corporations alike have come to a point where they no longer take products at face value. Instead, they make sure that the products they are

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The Reality of Pandemic Parents

While the pandemic might have allowed us to spend a lot of time with our family at home, some parents have been feeling burned out due to this arrangement. Dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic is difficult enough as it is. Having to take care of kids and help them out with virtual school work on

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Improving Your Lifestyle: Simple Activities to Protect Your Well-being

Practising self-care habits is a crucial strategy that helps you improve your health and well-being. It allows you to have the time to take care of your personal needs and demands. Unfortunately, more and more people are struggling to have time for self-care. Most of them, especially working adults, are too busy performing obligations, so

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An Age of Rediscovery: Four Things that Give Life Meaning

Nowadays, the world can often feel like it’s moving in fast-forward. Everything around you can speed up, but you’re still in slow-motion. This is how it feels like when life passes you by as you go through your daily routines — like a robot in a lackluster dreamscape. This feeling is not uncommon, especially when

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Dogs and Mental Health: How Our Pets Keep Us Sane and Happy

Dogs and humans have always been great companions since time immemorial. Dogs have assisted humans in hunting and herding. They have also provided protection for the whole family for thousands of years now. Scholars theorized that dogs come from wolves. But since then, dogs have evolved into loveable, utilitarian, and loyal creatures worthy of love

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Preparing for Parenthood: What You Should Remember

Becoming a parent can be one of life’s most exciting and hardest parts. On the one hand, you get to raise your own children in this world and teach them everything that life has to offer. You get to experience newfound joy and happiness with them as they slowly grow up with you. On the other hand,

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COVID-19 Hacks: Getting Over Your Sleeping Problems, and Fast!

It’s easy to go on a downward spiral these days. With America still grappling with the vicious attacks of the virus, stress could take hold of you. According to international analysis, there may be no country more stressed right now than the people of America. And it’s understandable. Even with America’s might, the pandemic has

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