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An Age of Rediscovery: Four Things that Give Life Meaning

Nowadays, the world can often feel like it’s moving in fast-forward. Everything around you can speed up, but you’re still in slow-motion. This is how it feels like when life passes you by as you go through your daily routines — like a robot in a lackluster dreamscape. This feeling is not uncommon, especially when

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Dogs and Mental Health: How Our Pets Keep Us Sane and Happy

Dogs and humans have always been great companions since time immemorial. Dogs have assisted humans in hunting and herding. They have also provided protection for the whole family for thousands of years now. Scholars theorized that dogs come from wolves. But since then, dogs have evolved into loveable, utilitarian, and loyal creatures worthy of love

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Preparing for Parenthood: What You Should Remember

Becoming a parent can be one of life’s most exciting and hardest parts. On the one hand, you get to raise your own children in this world and teach them everything that life has to offer. You get to experience newfound joy and happiness with them as they slowly grow up with you. On the other hand,

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COVID-19 Hacks: Getting Over Your Sleeping Problems, and Fast!

It’s easy to go on a downward spiral these days. With America still grappling with the vicious attacks of the virus, stress could take hold of you. According to international analysis, there may be no country more stressed right now than the people of America. And it’s understandable. Even with America’s might, the pandemic has

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Making Ethical Purchases: How To Change Your Consumer Habits

When you’re out shopping, you should seriously consider starting to consume things ethically. It sounds a bit high-minded but with the current condition of our planet and all the various issues out there, you will want to be able to buy things with a clear conscience. It is very important that you feel good about

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The Best Experiential Rewards to Motivate Your Workers

There’s no denying it: a proper reward program improves worker productivity and performance. A white paper by the Incentive Research Foundation analyzed a variety of studies about the effectiveness of award programs. It found that companies that used reward programs saw a 44 to 48 percent gain in productivity after half a year of implementation.

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Health and the GM Food Stigma Explained

Can you imagine eating strawberries that eerily taste like peaches? How about cutting an apple in half, only to find that it has red flesh instead of the usual white? These are some bizarre hybrid fruits created in a lab. They are products of gene-editing. Some may find these fruits interesting. Some may even dare

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Health Care Concerns Every Business Owner Should Prioritize

If you’re starting a business or are an existing business owner, safety should be on the top of your mind regarding operations, employees, and clients. One single incident can result in costly lawsuits, fines, and irreversible damage to your reputation. Although conditioning your business against perils such as fire, floods, and other incidents are widely

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