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White bed sheet and pillows

Bamboo Sheets: Facts That Will Get You to Make the Switch

Po from the movie Kung Fu Panda might be munching on dumplings and other Chinese delicacies. But in reality, pandas are known to enjoy munching on a very sustainable and easily growing plant known as bamboo. This plant has been around for ages and has benefited not just pandas, but also people in various ways.

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woman experiencing pains

Is Tendinitis Causing Your Knee Pain?

You probably have tendinitis. Majority of individuals who do sports or participate in fitness activities have an increased chance of experiencing tendinitis at some point in their life. The result—severe pain in the affected knee. What Exactly Is Tendinitis? Tendinitis occurs when the tendon gets inflamed. The tendon is an elastic band of tissue responsible

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Endocrinology diagnosis Hashimoto's Thyroiditis

Coping with Hashimoto’s Disease: More Exercise is the Best

At a snap of a finger, some people can easily commit to dieting and exercising. But when you’re diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease, you may require more than a coach’s average pep talk. Even the motivation to move is harder, especially when your body is tired and your joints are aching. However, experts at some wellness

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girl making vegetable shake

A Gym and Fitness Nerd’s Guide to Meal Prepping

Being a physically fit person can be attributed to a lot of things, and one of them is going to the gym. Being committed to your dumbbells, cardio routines, and lifting exercises can help achieve your health and fitness goals. However, being fit is more than just these physical routines. You also need to be

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4 Ways to Express Sympathy for a Someone Who Lost their Pet

Losing a pet is one of the most terrible things that could happen to anyone. Hearing this tragic news from a closest friend or your relatives can sometimes catch you off guard. While it’s only normal to feel confused or at loss of words, there are several ways to show support and comfort your grieving

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Senior citizens talking to a nurse

What to Look for in a Nursing Home

Growing old definitely is not easy — both for the ageing person and the people surrounding them. Most family members and relative will opt to have their ageing loved ones enter a nursing home so they can be well taken care of. Besides, an aging person should get all of the care and attention they deserve,

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Tips for Stronger Teeth

4 Ways to Keep your Teeth in Tip-Top-Shape

Having pearly white teeth is all about your habit forming and a little bit of lifestyle change. If you cannot keep a good hygiene routine, expect to have more oral problems. Take note, as well that the food you eat every day may also lead to teeth discolouration. This is why it is essential to

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