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Get Fancy Outdoors With Glamping: Getting Started

Camping allows people to enjoy the great outdoors. But quite a few people dislike leaving all the comforts of home. While this may seem to go against the spirit of going out into the wild, modern technology allows people to have it a lot easier. These conveniences are why people call it “glamping” which is

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green house

The Green Lifestyle: Thinking Beyond Yourself

With people now becoming more conscious about the environment, the Green Lifestyle has become popular. But how is it different from all those lifestyles that espouse mindful living? The difference is who or what you put at the center of your values. Although mindful living greatly values respect for all creatures of the earth, at

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property destruction

Windstorm Safety — Protect Your Family and Property

The September windstorm highlighted the risk Utahns face almost every 10 years. Close to 200,000 residents lost power to their homes and thousands of trees — both in public and residential properties — were torn down. While homes received minimal damage, stronger windstorms might be on the horizon. Destructive Winds Strong canyon winds wrought havoc

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Can Trees Get Sick and Die, Too?

Trees are one of the very few living organisms that can live for a long time. There are even trees that can survive for thousands of years. But like everything else, trees aren't immortal. Some die longer than most people, while others vanish before they fully grow.   Most of the trees die today because

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solar panels on home's roof

Environmental Conservation Through Responsible Energy Consumption

Technological advancements to simplify or even replace human labor and foster industrial growth have been on the rise. The result has been an increase in power consumption. Machines used to make work easier at home or in the workplace are now accompanied by high power requirements and; and therefore, power bills. Power should be used

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Modern living room interior

Why We Spend for Beauty

You can live in a mansion with only the essentials. You still have an imposing property that everyone can marvel at from the outside. Inside, you have your bed, kitchen appliances, and furniture. If you had to live this way, you’d feel like something is missing even if you have everything you need. What you’re

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Caring for Pets in High Places

Utah’s great outdoors and friendly residents make it a great place to have pets. However, you have to be aware that certain factors in the state make it a little more inconvenient to care for your pet. 1. Transitioning Elevation affects everyone — including pets. If you’re bringing in your pet from outside the state

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lawn with beautiful orange tulips

Avoid These Landscaping Mistakes to Maintain a Healthy Lawn

Landscaping is not an easy task. If you have plans to do so for your home, then one of the first things you should do is learn the various mistakes that you could make. It is surprisingly easy to make mistakes when it comes to landscaping, so knowing what to avoid can save you much

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Black and brown horses eating hay

The Basics of Owning and Raising a Horse

If you’re in Utah, it won’t be surprising if you are falling in love with the environment. The Beehive State has a diverse terrain, so there’s always an adventure waiting for everyone. This can include horseback riding. Before you jump on building a stable, learn the basics of owning and maintaining a horse: 1. How

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Worker trimming the tree

How Much Should You Spend In Utah For Professional Tree Trimming?

Home owners who need professional tree-trimming in Sandy, Salt Lake City and other parts of Utah should expect to spend $200 on average for this service. Some people could spend only $75 for a simple project, while others could incur up to $1,000 of expenses especially if they have large trees at home. If you

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