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Black and brown horses eating hay

The Basics of Owning and Raising a Horse

If you’re in Utah, it won’t be surprising if you are falling in love with the environment. The Beehive State has a diverse terrain, so there’s always an adventure waiting for everyone. This can include horseback riding. Before you jump on building a stable, learn the basics of owning and maintaining a horse: 1. How

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Paracords in different colors

The Importance of Paracords

After a long week being cooked up in the office, it’s likely that you might want to spend some time in open spaces. Bouts of fresh air can help rejuvenate your mind and rekindle your spirit. A weekend spent outdoors can help you unwind for the coming week. Before heading out for a camping trip,

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A Look into Pest Infestations and Possible Control Methods

Pest infestation has become a serious issue in many homes. Often, it may be considered to be a hygiene issue as it majorly relies on how well a home is maintained. Some pests also tend to multiply during certain seasons. There is a need for every homeowner to adopt possible control methods in a bid

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Lined up solar panels

Las Vegas Is Betting Big on Solar Energy

As the state focuses more on solar energy, residents are also turning to the sun for their daily power needs. Transitioning to 100 percent solar is possible and residents — with the help of the many solar companies in Vegas — can make that reality happen sooner. Sin City Is Going Green All of Las

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Yulin Dog Meat Festival

Dear Vegans and Dog Festival Apologists, Shut the Hell Up

As a dog owner who treats her Maltese like an actual child, when I see news articles about some messed up people throwing puppies into a river or trapping cats in sealed boxes, I’m furious at the show of animal cruelty. We are allegedly the smartest animal species in the world, but then we kill

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Solar panel on a red roof reflecting the sun and the cloudless blue sky

Green Energy Starts at Home

Rising sea levels, changing weather patterns, and global warming — if you believe that things need to change, you can start at your own home. Most of the real changes in the world were brought about by individuals acting on their own and not relying on the government. Cut Down your Fossil-powered Electricity If you

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