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Pet Owner’s Guide to Traveling

Nowadays, a pet has become the new child. A survey finds that 85 million American families have a pet at home. Many who choose to be childfree would rather take care of their dog or cat and treat it as a child. Just like other parents, one of the hardest things they have to endure is leaving

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Kaiseki in the Japan Food Scene

The Japanese food scene is one of the most highly regarded worldwide, and nothing represents Japanese cuisine and culinary prowess better than Kaiseki Ryori or ‘Kaiseki’ presented meals. Kaiseki is a traditional tasting course consisting of several small tea ceremonies but has grown into something more over the centuries — and has become the pinnacle of haute

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How You Can Tour Different Places on a Budget

Traveling offers a great opportunity to relax and have fun. Unfortunately, you can only enjoy traveling when you discover ways to travel on a budget. Spending less on one adventure enables you to save some cash for the next. When budgeting for a trip, you need to do extensive research before you embark on the

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5 Ways to Stay Safe during the Autumn Season

The yellowing leaves start falling and the air feels more chilly. It could only mean one thing: fall has arrived. Fall is America’s favorite season, with 29 percent saying they prefer it to spring and even summer, and it’s easy to see why. The weather is cool and calm, it’s apple-picking season, and there’s football

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Why Paris Should Be Your Next Travel Destination After COVID-19

Europe offers diversity for fun and adventure, which makes it an interesting tourist destination for travelers to visit. With the vastness of this continent and the number of countries comprising it, it cannot be denied that Europe is one of the enthralling destinations to explore here on the planet. One of the highly visited and

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Japanese Cultural Norms and Values to Know While You’re Travelling

When traveling in foreign countries, it’s important to know the culture and practices that aren’t common in your own country. For example, tipping in restaurants in the United States is customary; choosing not to tip is like insulting your waiter for their bad service. But in Japan, it’s the other way around: tipping is rude

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Staying Safe During Outdoor Activities

The outdoors can be quite inviting to those who are stuck in the same stuffy routine. However, you should not just go out unprepared, especially if it is going to be your first time doing an activity such as trekking or rafting. You might be in it for the thrills, but your safety is still

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Rollercoaster ride against blue sky

Theme Parks: 8 Reasons Why People Love Going There

Going to a theme park is fun at any age. The availability of activities feels like they’re never-ending and there are lots of things to do with friends and family. Even couples like to go to theme parks because it’s exciting, especially the rides and food choices. Still not convinced? Here are some reasons why

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