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Japanese Cultural Norms and Values to Know While You’re Travelling

When traveling in foreign countries, it’s important to know the culture and practices that aren’t common in your own country. For example, tipping in restaurants in the United States is customary; choosing not to tip is like insulting your waiter for their bad service. But in Japan, it’s the other way around: tipping is rude

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Bus in london

There’s Nothing to Fear! Make Your Stay in London Safe and Secure

London is one of the safest places to live, work and study, but students are still worried that their rooms are a potential target for break-ins. But never fear! There are proven ways to keep your hostel safe and secure. Burglaries are common in student accommodations in the UK. With hundreds of students staying in

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man hiking

Staying Safe During Outdoor Activities

The outdoors can be quite inviting to those who are stuck in the same stuffy routine. However, you should not just go out unprepared, especially if it is going to be your first time doing an activity such as trekking or rafting. You might be in it for the thrills, but your safety is still

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Rollercoaster ride against blue sky

Theme Parks: 8 Reasons Why People Love Going There

Going to a theme park is fun at any age. The availability of activities feels like they’re never-ending and there are lots of things to do with friends and family. Even couples like to go to theme parks because it’s exciting, especially the rides and food choices. Still not convinced? Here are some reasons why

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Family camping in the wild and beside campfire

Essential Survival Gear When Going Into the Wild

If you’re planning to go camping or spend time outdoors, you want to be fully prepared for the experience. It is not just skills that will give you a safe experience. You are going to need the right equipment if you want to survive in the wild. Here is a quick look at some of the

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souvenir magnets

The Souvenir Guide: Important Reminders When Buying Souvenirs

Whenever we’re traveling away from home, across cities, states, or countries, we’d want to have a tangible reminder of our adventures especially if it’s somewhere we probably won’t come back to. Sometimes, it’s not enough to have photos as souvenirs, which is why almost any place has a gift and souvenir shops selling local delicacies,

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Best International Festivals

The Best International Festivals That Are Worth the Trip Abroad

Festivals are a worthwhile experience. While there may be plenty of festivals in your country, if you’re going abroad, you’ll find that festivals abroad can be an unforgettable experience. Whenever I travel, I try to arrange my schedule so that my visit falls around the same time as a festival or occasion in the area.

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