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Too many festivals, so little time – that’s why we need you to join our team.

Want to write about a festival, conference, or large-scale event you attended (or refuse to attend – tell us why!)? Are you an event planner that wants to share what goes behind an event? There’s so much to write about, so we want you to join the team of Festival Snobs today!

Article Guidelines

We’re looking for fresh content at least 800 words long. Talk about anything related to our website; how you write it is up to you. Original photos, videos, and other forms of media are welcome in your article. Links are welcome as long as they’re related to your article.
When submitting your article, be sure to leave your name, a short bio, and a link to your website or social media. This is so that we can properly credit your work and link your article back to your website.
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